1. First day of Kindergarten!

    First day of Kindergarten!

  3. Quinn’s 1st Birthday - March 21, 2014

    aka better late than never? 

  5. My fancy Valentines!

  7. Moving day! Our new home sweet home! 🏡

    Moving day! Our new home sweet home! 🏡

  9. Standing on frozen Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

  11. Lets’s go Broncos!!

    Lets’s go Broncos!!

  13. Quinn would like to share her first pancake with you!

    Quinn would like to share her first pancake with you!

  15. After enjoying some house hunting in Colorado, I’m happy to report that we are under contract and hoping to close by the end of the month. Our new house is located in a great neighborhood with gorgeous mountain views and a community center with a swimming complex and fitness center. The house has an office on the main floor for Chris to continue working from home, and the best part in my opinion, a backyard that backs to open space and the most amazing playground for the girls. And it’s only a 20-30 minute commute to my new office.

    This is the story about how we found our new house…

    My mom mailed us a package of Christmas gifts that arrived on Friday Dec. 27th. She included a random small box we had left behind in our townhouse in Virginia. I opened it and found an old Christmas card from my grandparents, Papa & Grandma, who have both now passed away. The card was from 2005. In Papa’s handwriting it said “Know you will have a great time in Colorado with a chance to improve your skiing skills”. That happened to be the year we came out to visit Colorado for Christmas. It gave me chills. Was Papa somehow sending me a Christmas card in 2013? That night we all talked about how cool it was.

    The very next morning, we received an email from our real estate agent with a brand new listing that just went on the market. The address was the same street name my grandparents lived on in Alexandria for years! I couldn’t believe it. The listing said it was 3 bedrooms, which I hadn’t even been looking at because we were initially looking for 4. I decided to keep my mind open since it seemed like a sign and take a look even though it didn’t sound like exactly what we were initially looking for. Sure enough, we visited the house that day and fell in love.  No worries about that one missing bedroom… the basement is unfinished and we plan to put in a guest suite.

    Maybe this means I should also take up skiing…

    Cheers to 2014! 

  17. Home team fan!

    Home team fan!

  19. Snow angels

    Snow angels